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Special Wastes

Special WastesThe Black Hawk County Landfill is considered a Subtitle D landfill, and partners with regulatory agencies to make sure all businesses “Special Waste” streams are properly managed according to current regulations.

You MUST HAVE PRIOR APPROVAL from the Commission Administrator for the Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission before disposing of any non-hazardous special wastes. For special waste authorizations, please call (319) 234-8115.

Customers must follow all landfill policies and pay all associated fees.


Special Wastes

Special wastes are non-hazardous wastes from a business that require additional or specific handling for proper disposal due its quantity, concentration, or physical, chemical, or biological characteristics.


Special wastes can include:

  • Asbestos containing materials
    • Examples include: slate siding, asbestos insulation, and slate floor tiles.
  • Commercial/Industrial Waste
    • Examples include: processed sludge, ash, filters, sandblast media, and dusty wastes.
  • Petroleum Contaminated Soils
    • These soils are non-hazardous and contaminated with petroleum products.
  • Other Special Waste
    • These materials need special handling, such as spill cleanup materials and off-spec products.

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