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Hours of Operation

The scale house at the landfill is in use during hours of operation.

The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission owns and oversees the operation of the Black Hawk County Sanitary Landfill. The Commission determines the hours of operation, landfill fees, and policies regarding the landfill.

Landfill operations and services are provided on a contract basis. Currently, a private company called Waste Tech, Inc. provides all of the day-to-day operations at the landfill. Services and site improvements at the landfill are funded by user “tipping” fees. No tax dollars are used for the operation of the landfill.

*Please note: The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission does not collect any materials and they do not operate any waste hauling vehicles. Contact your city regarding their garbage, recycling, and yard waste services. Many private businesses also provide waste hauling services and rent out dumpsters to businesses and individuals.

Landfill Hours of Operation

M-F 7:30am – 4:30pm
Sat 7:30am – 12:30pm
Closed on Sundays and Holidays
Vehicles must be unloaded and out by closing times.
The landfill may close or reduce the hours of operation on windy days (more details below).

Customers must follow all landfill policies and pay all associated fees.

Special wastes require prior approval.

ALL loads must be transported inside of a closed vehicle OR covered 100% with a tarp, tied down, and secured in all areas, from the point of origin (or additional fees will apply).

The Black Hawk County Sanitary Landfill will enforce a Fluorescent Safety Vest Policy:

  • Safety Vest is required in the cell by ALL unloading at the Working Face.
  • Safety Vest is required by All Commercial Haulers that use the Yard Waste Area.
  • Safety Vest is not required at the Small Loads Area.
  • Homeowners that use our facility are not required to wear a safety vest at the Small Loads Area or the Yard Waste Area.


Landfill Phone Number:

(319) 296-2524

Due to a Century Link/Lumen issue the phones are not working.  Please use this alternate number: 319-596-5056

The Black Hawk County Sanitary Landfill is located at:

1509 East Washburn Road
Waterloo, Iowa 50701


Closure Due to Windy Conditions

Litter Fence on a windy day. The landfill may need to close or reduce the hours of operation on windy days.Windy days can create a challenge for the landfill due to blowing litter. The working cell at the Black Hawk County Sanitary Landfill is surrounded with high fences and has several portable litter fences that can be moved to counteract the wind and catch lightweight blowable materials like paper and plastic bags. A large litter vacuum is used to remove items caught by the fences.

The landfill must be able to ensure safe dumping conditions for ALL haulers and is required by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to prevent waste from leaving the site. The ability to do both is determined by the wind speed/direction and depth/location of where materials are being buried within the landfill cell. To ensure safe conditions, the landfill may need to close or reduce the hours of operation on windy days when these safety parameters cannot be reached.


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