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Landfill fees apply at the Small Loads Area and Working Face of the Black Hawk County Sanitary Landfill.

Fees for the Black Hawk County Sanitary Landfill are set by the The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission. The Commission works hard to provide cost effective services for the cities and counties within the Landfill Service Area.

Fees are dependent upon the weight of the material deposited or by item type. Additional fees apply for certain types of materials and also for loads that are not properly contained during transport to the Black Hawk County Sanitary Landfill. Customers must follow all landfill policies.

*Please note: The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission does not collect any materials and they do not operate any waste hauling vehicles. Contact your city regarding their garbage, recycling, and yard waste services. Many private businesses also provide waste hauling services and rent out dumpsters to businesses and individuals.


Landfill Fees and Customer Pricing

  • Landfill Tipping Fee is $42.25/ton with a $15.00 minimum fee. Starting July 1, 2023 this fee will increase to $43.00/ton.
  • Adopted Fee Schedule
  • The tipping fee for mixed loads of garbage and yard waste is $ 90.00/ton.
  • Cash, Credit Card, or Check accepted. Returned checks will be assessed a $30 service fee, a 2.9% service fee is added to credit card transactions.
  • ALL loads must be transported inside of a closed vehicle OR covered 100% with a tarp, tied down, and secured in all areas from the point of origin (or an additional uncovered load fee will apply).
  • Tires and appliances (including light fixtures and bulbs) must be separated from other wastes and deposited at the Small Loads Facility. Users will be charged the tipping fee, plus an additional recycling fee for each tire or appliance.
  • Tires, appliances, and light fixtures (including bulbs) that are improperly deposited at the Small Loads Facility or deposited at the working face of the Cell will receive an additional charge.
  • Prior approval is required for Special wastes.

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