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The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission encourages waste reduction within the landfill’s service area to reduce the amount of materials entering the Black Hawk County Sanitary Landfill. The resources on this page can help you learn more about the world of waste!



Commission Publications



Waste Trac Education Team’s social media sites

Learn about programs. See photos from events. Watch awesome videos. Find fun reuse crafts for a wide variety of items and much more:

Resources include the Waste Trac Education Team Facebook Page.Resources include the Waste Trac Education Team YouTube Channel.Resources include the Waste Trac Education Team Pinterest Board.









Forms for the Portable Event Recycling Equipment Program



Resources and Curriculum Ideas for Educators

  • 100+ Awesome Waste Related Resources (PreK-post secondary); compiled by the UNI CEEE – search by grade levels, subjects and topics; includes lesson plans, books, videos, games, etc. and opportunities to register for teacher workshops.
  • BEETLES (Better Environmental Education, Teaching, Learning & Expertise Sharing) from the University of California (Berkley) – student activity guides, how-to videos, and additional instructor support materials.
  • College and University Recycling Coalition – webinars, toolkits, and resources to support collegiate recycling programs.
  • Compost Grows: Garbage to Gardens Poster – (all ages) image with lots of composting information (on the back side) from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
  • Composting Resources (K-12th) – curriculum, games, videos, and how-to’s about backyard composting and composting with Redworms from the U.S. Composting Council.
  • Composting and Recycling Signs (FREE and ready to print) from the Recycling Association of Minnesota
  • Composting: Nature’s Recyclers (PreK-3rd) – activity guide, coloring book, and poster from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
  • Iowa Association of Naturalists and Iowa State Extension – Natural Resources Booklet Series (topics ranging from waste management and pollution, to wildlife, prairies, trees, fossils, conservation history, and more).
  • Iowa Conservation Education Coalition is a great resource for educators and has compiled a wealth of links for Iowa-specific and national educational resources and curriculum, research articles, and natural resource information.
  • Iowa DOT – Conservation Publications – free downloads or print copies available – Monarch posters, prairie, wetland, and tree ID books, and more.
  • Keepin’ It In the Loop (K-8th) – recycling and solid waste actives and lesson plans from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Learning & Teaching about the Environment  (for K-12th students and educators) – homework resources, lesson plans, videos, games, science fair project ideas, professional development, funding opportunities, and more.
  • Population Education (K-12th) – lesson plans, background readings for students and teachers, wall charts, “World Population” video, hands-on activities, and more.
  • Project Learning Tree (PreK-12th) -activities to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Reclaim Your Holidays (Teen – Adult); compiled by the UNI CEEE – activities, resources, and tools for creating fun & meaningful celebrations.
  • “Recycle-Bowl” School Recycling Competition though Keep America Beautiful.
  • “RecycleMania” College Recycling Competition
  • Recycling and Beyond (K-3rd) – coloring book and activity pages from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
  • Scholastic: Earth Day Resources (2nd-3rd) – lessons, books, poems, and activities.
  • Seussville – lesson plans, books, printables, games, activities, etc. for Earth Day, recycling, the Lorax, and much more.
  • Teachers Going Green – activities linked to the Iowa Core and NGSS standards.
  • Terracycle – start a brigade to recycle certain types of applesauce and juice pouches, snack packaging, chip bags, and more).
  • Textile Recycling (K-5th) – worksheets and lesson plans.
  • Waste Characterization Reports for many states in the U.S.; reports are not available for all states.
  • Waste Characterization Study – Iowa (2011) – this is an in-depth data “snapshot” of Iowa waste. Learn what is going into Iowa landfills!
  • Waste in Place (PreK-6th) from Keep America Beautiful – activities, games, and facts.
  • Waste Trac’s YouTube Channel – watch a wide variety of great videos about recycling, composting, garbage, landfills, and more!
  • Wee Recyclers and Wee Crafts (PreK-K) – stores, songs, games, crafts, teacher information, and more from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.



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