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Motor Oil and Automotive

The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission promotes the proper recycling of automotive products in Black Hawk County. These items are harmful to the environment and human health when they are not properly managed at the end of their product usefulness. When purchasing motor oil and automotive products, check with the store or service center about their end-of-life recycling policy for the material.


Motor oil and automotive products, such as lead acid batteriesLead Acid Batteries

  • Leave your old battery with the retailer when you buy a replacement. Retailers must accept the lead acid battery being replaced.
  • Also accepted from county residents at Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission sponsored Drop-off Events in the spring and fall.


Motor Oil and Oil Filters

  • Motor oil and oil filter retailers are required to:
    • Accept used motor oil or oil filters for recycling from customers OR
    • Post a sign near the products. This sign should indicate the nearest
      location to recycle used motor oil or oil filters.
  • Local auto service stations, many auto dealerships, and the Cedar Falls Transfer Station also accept used motor oil for recycling.
  • Remember: oil must not be mixed with other materials (such as fuel additives, solvents or antifreeze).


Motor oil and automotive products, such as antifrezeAntifreeze and Automotive Fluids

  • Recycling policies vary greatly. Check with local service stations or dealerships regarding the types of automotive fluids and oils that they are able to accept.



Tires for accepted for recycling at several locations in Black Hawk County.


Other Automotive Products

The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission can accept certain automotive fluids (starter fluid, brake fluid, etc), cleaners, car wax and polishes, flammables (such as old gasoline), and other auto related toxic materials from county residents’ homes and garages during their spring and fall drop-off events.

*Please note: Motor oil, oil filters, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze, and tires are NOT accepted at these events.


Have an automotive item that you just can’t figure out what to do with?

Earth911.com has an easy “search by zip code” feature to find nearby locations that may accept your car battery, hydraulic fluid, motor oil and automotive products.

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