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Alternative Cleaners

The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission promotes the proper management of household toxins in Black Hawk County and encourages the use of less toxic alternative cleaners.


Cleaning Hazards

Choose alternative cleaners over hazardous cleaners.The variety of household cleaning products on the market today is overwhelming. There are products on the shelves for every possible need, and we are encouraged through advertising to buy them all.

We might be better off if we avoided using these cleansers. Many contain hazardous chemicals that can cause skin irritations, reproductive disorders, aggravation of respiratory diseases, and maybe even cancer. Flammable, caustic, and reactive cleaners may hurt you, as well as pollute the environment. Even small amounts of detergents, solvents, aerosol propellants, dyes, perfumes and fillers add up to a large load of pollutants for our air and water.

The good news is: You can choose to get rid of these hazardous products and use other, less toxic options!


Choose a “Greener” Alternative

Alternative cleaners can be made with lemon juice.There are alternatives to these hazardous household cleaning products, alternatives that are simpler, safer and more economical. Look for less toxic commercially made cleaners in the cleaning aisle or organic section of the store. Make your own household cleansers  made right at home with a few simple ingredients. You may already have many of these items in your kitchen cupboard or refrigerator – including baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and more. A simple search using Google or Pinterest provides hundreds of recipes for homemade cleaners.

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