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The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission promotes the proper management of materials from Black Hawk County homes. Special drop-off events help residents safely recycle electronics and dispose of certain toxic items. With the volume of materials received during these events, the Commission relies on volunteer hours to make these events run efficiently!


Volunteer at Spring and Fall Drop-off Events

Volunteer during Blawk Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission drop-off events!To manage the household toxic materials and electric and electronic items from homes in Black Hawk County, the Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission co-sponsors TWO drive-through style, drop-off events each year. We partner with the City of Waterloo to host the Spring Drop-off Event  and the City of Cedar Falls for the Fall Drop-off Event.

Approximately 700-1,000 vehicles typically participate during each of these 5 hour long events. With only the Commission Administrator and two Waste Trac Educators on staff, volunteers are VITAL to make these events possible.


We need 50-60 volunteers during each event to help with:

  • directing traffic
  • surveying participants
  • unloading items from vehicles
  • shrink-wrapping electronics for transport to the e-waste recycler’s facility


Volunteer at the Spring Drop-off Event on Saturday, April 14th

Spring 2018 Volunteer Handout

Many hands (and strong muscles!) are needed to pull off this large community recycling event. Volunteers can help out for the entire length of the event 7:45AM- 2:00PM, or for a morning shift (7:45AM- 12:15PM). Both light duty and heavy lifting tasks are available. During the event last spring, volunteers unloaded more than 36 tons of electronics (filling 122 pallets!) – in addition to home chemicals, propane tanks, car batteries, and much more.

Citizens interested in volunteering are asked to contact the Waste Trac Education Team (outreach arm of the commission) by Friday, April 15th so adequate volunteer supplies and food can be ordered. The Waste Trac Education Team office is coordinating/registering all the volunteers for this event. Call or email. No walk-in volunteers.

The Spring 2018 Volunteer Handout has more details about this opportunity, including: where to park, how to dress, and all the yummy food that will be provided!

** Check out volunteer photos from the Fall 2017 Drop-off Event!


Volunteer during Blawk Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission drop-off events!Volunteer Now!

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, contact the Waste Trac Education Team by phone at 319-266-8722 or send them a message.

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