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Fall Drop-Off Event

Twice per year, the Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission subsidizes drop-off events for household toxic materials disposal and electronics recycling. The Fall Drop-off Event is hosted at a City of Cedar Falls site. The Spring Drop-off Event is hosted at a City of Waterloo site.

BOTH events are open to ALL Black Hawk County residents, to get rid of approved items from their homes and garages. The proper disposal of household toxins and the recycling of all electric/electronic items collected during these events is paid for by the Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission, although some fees may apply for certain electronic items. Business hazardous waste and electronics from businesses are not accepted.


Fall Drop-off Event (2018)

When: Saturday, September 22rd from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Where: The Cedar Falls Public Works Complex – located at 2200 Technology Parkway in Cedar Falls.
Follow the event signs from the corner of Hudson Road and Technology Parkway on the day of the event.

**For safety reasons, you must stay in your vehicle. Event volunteers will unload your items for you.**

NOTICE:  Due to a City of Cedar Falls Ordinance, ALL LOADS brought to the Household Hazardous Materials & Electronics Recycling Drop-off must be “contained in a covered vehicle or otherwise secured… so that the material does not fall off or blow out of the vehicle”. This shall be required at the load’s point of origin and will include any and all materials being brought to this event.

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*During the fall of 2017, there were 955 vehicles that participated during this 5-hour event! ~60 volunteers filled 118 pallets with unwanted e-waste and unloaded more than a semi-load full of household toxic materials!


Volunteer at the Fall Drop-off Event

The Waste Trac Education Team is looking for approximately 60 volunteers to assist residents at this drop-off event. From directing traffic and surveying participants to unloading chemicals and electronic items from participants’ vehicles, volunteers make this event possible! During a typical event, volunteers will unload materials from 600-1,000 vehicles during the 5 hour event! Learn more about volunteering for this event.



Electronic Drop-off Details:

Fall drop-off volunteers wrapping a pallet of electronics.

  • Black Hawk County Residents are invited to bring old electric or electronic items from their homes.
  • 2 Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) are accepted free of charge per household/vehicle. Each additional CRT is $5. Exact CASH only. Bills larger than $20 will NOT be accepted.
  • CRTs can be found in old NON-flat screen TV sets (including console TVs) and older NON-flat screen styles of bulky desktop computer monitors.
  • All other electric and electronic devices (including flat screen TVs/computers) are accepted free of charge.
  • All computer hard drives will be shredded and all devices will be safely recycled through Midwest Electronic Recovery in Walford, Iowa.
  • No appliances (air conditioners, microwaves, dehumidifiers, washers, dryers, water softeners, refrigerators, freezers, etc.).
  • No e-waste from businesses, churches, schools, or non-profits.

Examples of electric/electronic devices that residents CAN bring to the Fall Drop-off:

  • 2 CRTs per household/vehicle at no charge ($5 each for each additional CRT) including: NON-flat screen computer monitors and NON-flat screen television sets (including console TVs)
  • Unlimited quantities at no charge: flat screen computer monitors, flat screen televisions, computer towers, hard drives (will be shredded), laptops, keyboards, mice, routers, desktop copiers, printers, fax machines, cables, ink cartridges, cell phones, home phones, video game systems, DVD/VCR players, handheld electronics, radios, stereos, cassette players, record players, curling irons, hair dryers, countertop kitchen appliances (toasters, mixers, blenders, can openers, toaster ovens, etc.), and other non-appliance home items: vacuums, fans (all styles), tabletop/floor lamps, treadmills, humidifiers, electric space heaters, holiday lights, electric keyboards, cable/satellite equipment, etc.)
  • The event flier (at the bottom of this page) lists a wide variety of devices that will/will not be accepted.
  • If you have an item that you are unsure about, please contact the Waste Trac Education Team.


Household Hazardous Materials Drop-off Details:

Fall drop-off volunteers place household toxic materials on the table to be sorted by chemists.

  • Bring household toxic materials for free and safe disposal
  • The drop-off is open to all Black Hawk County Residents (for residential hazardous waste only)
  • All materials will be safely disposed or recycled through Clean Harbors.
  • No paint, used oil, antifreeze, appliances, or tires.
  • No hazardous waste from businesses, churches, schools, or non-profits. Many vendors have routes locally.

Examples of toxic materials that residents CAN bring to the Fall Drop-off:

  • Home items such as: clogged aerosol cans (including aerosol spray paint), **batteries (all varieties – except alkaline), fluorescent light bulbs (compact and tube) and ballasts (no fixtures), mercury (including switches and thermometers), moth balls, furniture/metal polish, wallpaper remover, floor care products, and various types of toxic cleaners.
  • Lawn and Garden products such as: brush killer, liquid fertilizers, insect spray, rat/mouse/gopher poison, and fungicides.
  • Garage and Workshop items such as: pool chemicals, lead acid batteries (car, truck, mower, motorcycle, etc.), concrete cleaner, acids and bases, auto cleaners, varnish, shellac, stain, car wax, brake fluid, driveway sealer, adhesives, epoxy, glues, flammables (gasoline, kerosene, and lighter fluid), roofing tar, and propane tanks.
  • The event flier (at the bottom of this page) lists a wide variety of devices that will/will not be accepted.
  • These are some examples of accepted materials. If you have an item that you are unsure about, please contact the Waste Trac Education Team.


What residents CAN NOT bring to the Fall Drop-off Event:


Click on the 2017 document below for more information: (Fall 2018 info coming soon)



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