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Adult Waste Reduction and Recycling Education

hrnclogo The Waste Trac Education Team's offices are now located in their NEW Education Center at 1500 Bluff Street in Cedar Falls (behind the Cedar Falls Transfer Station/Recycling Center). Two educators are available to provide solid waste education programs throughout Black Hawk County at no charge to civic groups, church fellowships, and community organizations. Programs can take place during a visit to their Education Center, at the Black Hawk County Landfill, or at other public locations. All activities can be presented at your location, unless designated as a "Hartman Reserve visit only".

hrnclogoThrough the Commission's partnership with Hartman Reserve Nature Center in Cedar Falls, Waste Trac programs can also take place during your visit to the nature center.

To schedule a FREE educational program, please:
(319) 266-8722 (TRAC) or
Tammy Turner ( or Lyndsey Anderson (

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Adult Programs
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Adult Programs Offered

Our adult programs are great for high school and college students, civic organizations, neighborhood associations, church groups, bank clubs, businesses, and assisted living groups.

Topics include:

Backyard Composting
Learn how to use natures way of recycling to turn yard waste and food waste into black gold. Look at various designs of homemade bins, get a close up view of the creatures that make your bin a living community, and explore redworm composting.
Benefits of Recycling
Participants will learn about what is/is not recyclable locally and the benefits of recycling. We will take a look at some of the products made from recycled material and explore the future trends of recycling including e-waste.
gene and betty buckles program center
Green Building for the Future (Hartman Reserve visit only)
Take a look at the growing popularity of "green" construction by touring the Gene and Betty Buckles Program Center at Hartman Reserve Nature Center. Learn about how various techniques and products are conserving resources and operation costs. (Hartman Field Trip only)
Green Shopping
There are many choices to make at the store, but during this activity we’ll look for environmentally friendly products.  The group will also learn about renewable vs. nonrenewable resources through several "shopping" stations.
east high landfill tour

Guided Landfill Tour
Strap on your hiking shoes and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Black Hawk County Landfill. During this walking tour, participants learn about its construction, recycling, and how the landfill is providing wildlife habitat and protecting our groundwater. A PowerPoint is also available if you are not able to visit the site.


Live Green
Learn what is in the Iowa waste stream. Discuss a wide variety of ways to be "Green" and reduce the amount of waste in your life. Topics include: recycling, composting, tips for reducing junk mail, and ways to reduce the amount of toxic products in your home.

environmental fair cedar falls

Managing Household Hazardous Materials
Used oil, paint, pesticides, fertilizers, lead acid batteries, and much more are daily necessities but how do we get rid of it safely and environmentally responsibly? Learn how to identify household toxins and how/where to dispose of them locally.

Virtual Landfill Tour
Want to learn about the landfill, but don't have time to go there for a tour? Enjoy this PowerPoint presentation to learn what is going to Iowa landfills, what happens to your trash after it leaves your curb, how a landfill is constructed, and what happens to your trash once it arrives at the landfill.

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